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SIEMENS dishwashers don't just look good - they combine stylish design with excellent performance. You can entrust all your crockery and cutlery, even long stemmed wine glasses, to a Siemens dishwasher, knowing that it will all emerge in pristine, sparking condition.
All the Siemens dishwashers are AAA rated. That is A energy efficiency, A wash performance and A drying efficiency. They are sound engineered to be Quiet by Design as well as being built to give many years of dependable service. Most models have an automatic wash programme, which adjusts itself to the level of soiling in the load. This means that you can set and forget. There are also quick wash options and larger items such as baking trays can be washed by removing the top basket and attaching the large item spray head.
hydroVario: a unique feature to Siemens. This uses the technology of the hydroSensor and the pump to regulate the pressure from the spray arms according to the soiling of the wash load. For delicate china and glass the spray arm pressure is lowered and the revolutions of the spray arm slowed down enabling delicate handling of the wash load. For an intensive wash this process is reversed where more pressure and a hotter wash is required to clean stubborn stains.
hydroDry: this system uses heat from each hot cycle to pre-heat the water needed for rinsing, saving both energy and time. hydroDry also dries the dishes hygienically as no external air is used.
varioFlex baskets: both top and bottom baskets incorporate fold down/adjustable racks to accommodate awkward items. The baskets also allow for long stemmed glasses to be washed safely with full support.
hydroSafe: Using the hydroSafe device, Siemens dishwashers are guaranteed to be 100% leak proof. If ever a leak occurs the sensor shuts down the machine immediately. HydroSafe features on the majority of Siemens dishwashers.
Testing and life expectancy
All machines are tested for 20 minutes before leaving the factory. Dishwashers are run continuously on test in the factory 24 hours a day on 50 C programme for up to 2,200 washes - thatís equivalent to 10 years usage. 98% of all components in the dishwashers are recyclable.
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Free-standing or built-in? What's the difference? A built-in machine is one that needs to be housed in kitchen units with a matching door to suit the style of your kitchen.
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